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About Face | Meadowlake Farm About Face Daily Hydrating Potion

Our all purpose day and night cream is a jar of living energy for your skin. Refresh, rehydrate and regain your healthy smooth glow. Instantly hydrates and revitalizes skin.

Sensitive Skin Psoriasis & Eczema Cream Sensitive Skin Psoriasis & Eczema Cream

Designed for sensitive skin and associated conditions this formula fights redness, itch, burning and scaling.

Hive Isolates Propolis and Honey Salve Hive Isolates Salve Advanced Propolis Therapy

An advanced salve delivery system for our proprietary propolis extract.

Hive Isolates Complex | Meadowlake Farm Hive Isolates Complex Propolis Facial Cream

Propolis from our hives coupled with the finest botanical oils form the cornerstone of this exquisite maintenance formula.

Flawless | Meadowlake Farm Skin Care Flawless Restorative Face Cream

Designed for mature skin experiencing hormone related skin changes uneven skin tone.

Prevention Prevention

Helps eliminate and control breakouts while providing exquisite skin care conditioning and recovery.