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How to get in touch with us:
We welcome your questions and inquiries!  Our mission is to help people and the planet.  We have a fabulous relationship with all of our customers.  We are a true grass roots company.  We spend our days hand batching and working outdoors so we've elected not to maintain a customer service phone line.  Not to worry, we happily handle all inquiries and questions via email, and always respond within 24 hours.  Email us at:


Wholesale inquiries:


We embrace wholesale clients worldwide who appreciate the same standards as we do.  Please, do not contact us regarding contract manufacturing or private labeling.  We will not entertain this type of production.  All wholesale products are made at the time of ordering.  If you are interested in obtaining wholesale information:


Please provide proof of wholesale buying power ( your EIN number) with your request for information along with your business address and contact information.  We only ask this so that we can verify that you are in fact a legitimate retail business.  We will not contact you past your initial inquiry unless you specifically request assistance as we respect your privacy.