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Day Protective Lotion
Day Protective Lotion



This product was originally custom formulated for one of our leading distributors in Asia where we sold it exclusively as a mechanical sun block and is soon became a top seller. We receive so many requests for it in the U.S. that we have decided to carry it in our online shop here as well. Also recommended for after sun care to calm skin that is sun sensitive and for use on skin that is chafed or irritated from moisture exposure. Our elderly clients use it to protect delicate peri area skin or to heal existing irritation. Cyclists use it to protect from or heal chafing. This a a great all around product. For sun care, apply before and after exposure for maximum benefits. For chafed, irritated skin apply as desired. Contains an abundance of lavender for its anti inflammatory properties.

Contains aloe juice extract, raw honey, olive oil, grapeseed oil, zinc oxide, vegetable wax, leucidal, EO's of lavender, grapefruit and geranium.

4 ounces