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Welcome to Meadowlake Farm!

The longing for a peaceful life, a passion for healthy living and our deep respect for nature is what brought us back to live on the quiet farm our family has owned since 1959. It’s a lifestyle that ultimately motivated us to establish our organic apiary and to cultivate the medicinal herbs found in our 100 percent natural skin care.


Meadowlake Farm is a 100 acre farm established in the early 1800's as part of the Connecticut Western Reserve. Picturesque and serene, it has seen many interesting owners over the years, including one of the founding families of the Mormon faith, and later a homeopathic physician who bottled its artesian spring water and operated Ohio's first nudist camp on the property.

Beyond Sustainability

Our farm has over sixty acres dedicated to the protection of native plant, insects and animal species whose habitat is being lost to modern farming practices and urban sprawl. Our botanicals are wild crafted in hedgerows and wooded areas here and on other farms to support the restoration of a more sustainable agriculture system. All aspects of Meadowlake Farm skin care from research to production occur here, on the farm.

We are committed to protecting the honeybee

We have a deep respect for the work our bees do to provide the raw materials for our products. One pound of honey represents the life work of about three hundred bees. They fly a distance that is equal to approximately three times around the earth to produce it. Bees must consume 20 pounds of honey to produce one pound of beeswax.

Because of unsound environmental practices the honeybee remains in crisis. It is extremely challenging to keep bees in today's environment. We continue to be vocal advocates for the plight of the honeybee worldwide. We do not rely on and chemicals to keep our bees healthy. Instead, we provide them with as natural an environment as possible in which to live and work.