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The Road to Meadowlake Farm

Raw, organic honey has a long, well established history as a superior skin care agent. We know that putting pure, real food in our bodies is a proven way to maintain health. We should also be putting pure, natural substances on our bodies because our skin is an organ capable of absorbing much of what it is exposed to.

Natural foods, oils and botanicals humans use or consume are chemicals we have evolved alongside of. Their efficacy or lack thereof is well documented and more importantly, time tested. Synthetics may or may not be harmful or carry risk. The problem is the industry began in the early 1900's and new chemicals are developed every year. Even where a robust body of scientific literature exists regarding efficacy, the same science may not be there for risk, or the science that is remains incomplete.

There are ample natural ingredients that work wonders for skin and most in fact surpass synthetics although a whole industry would like you to believe otherwise. Synthetic ingredients are far less expensive and far easier to formulate with than natural ones. They are more stable substances. There is a much greater incentive for manufactureres to use them.

Our goal is for you to beautiful without risking your health. Our goal is to maintain a healthy planet because what we wash down the drain effects it too. We must respect the earth as much as we respect ourselves. Like our bodies, it's the only one we have.