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Meadowlake Farm skincare was born in 2005 when I stumbled upon the results of a research study which determined that raw, unprocessed honey healed infected wounds where conventional antibiotic therapy failed. I recognized the vast potential of honey and other honeybee products in skin care and soon began using them as a foundation in the development of our synthetic free, botanical rich skin care line.

Meadowlake Farm’s own raw organic honey and hive products coupled with our wild crafted botanicals remain the unrivaled champions of our skin, spa and apothecary products.

  • highly effective
  • synthetic free
  • ethically crafted
  • sustainable
  • good for you
  • good for environment
  • infused with peace

Welcome to the magic of Meadowlake Farm!

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<TITLE>Cranberry Honey Bar</TITLE> Cranberry Honey Bar

Contains cranberry seeds, a super exfoliate, combined with our raw honey. A sophisticated addition to spa or bath.

Pumpkin Puree’ Bar

Get ready and stock-up on our good for you bars. One-half cup of pumpkin in each soap loaf. Beautifully swirled bars of pumpkin and cream shades.

Yummy Honey

Skin nourishing, as all our luxury complexion and body bars, take this one home today!

<TITLE>Poison Ivy Bar</TITLE> Beepharmacy Itch Relief Bar

Do yourself or a nature loving friend a favor and purchase a bar of this must have relief.

Honey Psoriasis & Eczema Bar Sensitive Skin Care Beetanical Sensitive Skin Bar

A specially formulated Complexion and Body bar for those who experience psoriasis, eczema or sensitive skin conditions.

Lip Balm Three Pack

Our customers say once you try one of our lip balms you are "addicted" to them. They taste great while they hydrate, heal and moisturize your lips. Use preventively and for healing on dry, cracked or chapped lips.

Beetanical Soothing Salve

Psoriasis & Eczema Nighttime Sensitive Care gives the barrier protection required to get you through the night

Meadowlake Farm Clarifying Toner Clarifying Toner

Loaded with raw honey this toner leaves skin looking and feeling dewy soft, moist and alive. Honey's natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids boost elasticity and gently exfoliate while moisturizing.

Meadowlake Farm Body Basics Body Basics Conditioning Cream

Smooth and nourish all body areas. One all purpose cream you'll soo find you can't be without.

About Eyes | Meadowlake Farm About Eyes

For fragile eye skin, highly hydrating helps reduce puffiness, minimize dark circles and fine lines.

Honey Cleanser Daily Pore Refining Detox

Rich, cleanser gently lifts makeup and impurities working in harmony with the skin’s natural function.

Beetanical Sensitive Skin Cream

Designed for sensitive skin and associated conditions this formula fights redness, itch, burning and scaling.

About Face | Meadowlake Farm About Face Daily Hydrating Potion

Our all purpose day and night cream is a jar of living energy for your skin. Refresh, rehydrate and regain your healthy smooth glow. Instantly hydrates and revitalizes skin.

Hive Isolates Propolis and Honey Salve Hive Isolates Salve Cellular Repair and Support Therapy

An advanced salve delivery system for our proprietary propolis extract.

Hive Isolates Complex | Meadowlake Farm Hive Isolates Complex Collagen Restoring Cream

Propolis from our hives coupled with the finest botanical oils form the cornerstone of this exquisite maintenance formula.

Flawless | Meadowlake Farm Skin Care Flawless Harmonious Restoration

Designed for mature skin experiencing hormone related skin changes uneven skin tone.


Helps eliminate and control breakouts while providing exquisite skin care conditioning and recovery.