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Meadowlake Farm

Raw honey is combined with wild crafted botanicals for a synthetic free, botanical rich skin care line.

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La Ruche

Professional formulas, with bioactive ingredients chosen by painstaking research for quality, purity and efficacy.

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Meadowlake Farm

Our farm has over sixty acres dedicated to the protection of native plant, insects and animal species whose habitat is being lost to modern farming practices and urban sprawl. Our botanicals are wild crafted in hedgerows and wooded areas here and on other farms to support the restoration of a more sustainable agriculture system.

Raw, organic honey has a long, well established history as a superior skin care agent. We know that putting pure, real food in our bodies is a proven way to maintain health. Our goal is for you to beautiful without risking your health.

– Sally, Joel, & Judy
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Natural solutions for some of the most troubling skin conditions and injuries.

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